Executive director of the Colombian civil society digital rights organization Karisma Foundation. She is a researcher, lawyer, lecturer, writer and consultant on topics related to law and technology. Aligned to Karisma's purpose, Carolina works for a world where human rights and social justice guide the development and deployment of technology. Carolina holds a master's degree in international law and cooperation (VUB - Belgium), and a master's degree in Business and Contracting Law (2006, UAB - Spain). She serves on the Board of Creative Commons, and on the Steering Committee of CSISAC, the civil society constituency at OECD.

Guest post | How a politicians’ thesis could affect a country’s scientific culture

The president of the Colombian House of Representatives, Congresswoman Jennifer Arias, allegedly plagiarised parts of her master’s thesis. The Colombian Universidad Externado explained in a recent press release that journalists are denied access to the thesis based on copyright concerns. This is a case of public interest, since the validity of the academic degree of …

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