Interview | Cory Doctorow [Part 1]: Newspapers, Big Tech, Link Tax, DRM and Right to Repair

Author, journalist, and activist Cory Doctorow talks about the evolution of newspapers, the role and threats posed by big tech, the collateral damage created by link taxes and the impact of digital rights management systems (DRM) on our daily lives, including on our right to repair.

Do you prefer watching our passionate interviewees talking about the 21st-century walls blocking access to culture? Then check out the vlog below.

Video highlights with timestamps:

0:00 Intro

4:05 Cory talks about the link tax, Craigslist, monopolies and how this is impacting the press especially newspapers and also how the internet impacted the press and what needs to be done

17:22 Cory explains why he feels that link taxes affect the smaller startups platforms more as compared to the big tech monopolies and why it’s a recurring motif in copyright fights involving monopolists

20:30 Cory talks about digital rights management or DRM, what it means generally and in specifics and what it is all about

23:17 Cory talks about how the digital rights management don’t serve the user rights and how it also hurts the publishers

28:06 Cory talks about the John Deere case that he wrote about recently and how it became the best sellers of tractors by using DRM

33:58 Cory shares his thoughts on the John Deere case in terms of security and also talks about what could be done

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