Interview | Rebecca Giblin: Reversion Rights, Out-Of-Print Books And How To Fix Copyright

ARC Future Fellow and Associate Professor within the Melbourne Law School, an expert on e-lending, and co-author of “What if we could reimagine copyright?,” Rebecca Giblin talks about the crucial but little-known area of reversion rights, how to rescue out-of-print books, and fixing some of the worst problems of copyright by making sure that creators are treated more fairly than they are currently.

Do you prefer watching our passionate interviewees talking about the 21st-century walls blocking access to culture? Then check out the vlog below.

Video highlights with timestamps:

00:00 Intro

02:02 Rebecca talks about what made her focus on making copyright work better both for the users and for the creators when doing her research

03:26 Rebecca also talks about reversion rights, what they are and why they are important to her and what creators can do with the rights and other types of rights

11:04 Rebecca talks about more opportunities that come with being granted the reversion rights and in other spaces that they are applicable

16:53 Rebecca also talks about two important cultural pieces to digitizing some of the books that were lost

20:30 Rebecca talks about her book and if you had to reimagine or reinvent copyright from the start, what would be in it, what would not be in it and the book they have written with Cory Doctorow and when it’s coming out

24:20 Rebecca shares her real-life experiences where she realized that she hit a wall and that there was something wrong and what she did to overcome that

27:12 Rebecca talks about things that she would love to see happen by 2030 in regards to copyrights

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