Podcast Highlights: Knocking Down Walls, Battles after SOPA, eLending, Excessive Terms & Unfit Rules

Check out this great compilation of key highlights from our Walled Culture podcast/vlog series, launched in September 2021. Our guests talk about knocking down the walls, the continuing battles after SOPA, e-Lending and libraries, and the damages of excessive terms and unfit copyright rules. Full line-up of the guests covered in the mashup below, and links to the full episodes.

Section 1 – Knocking Down the Walls Around Culture

Section 2 – The Internet Battles: Copyright Industries vs Platforms

Section 3 – Copyright Enforcement: We Stopped SOPA but the Battle Rages On

  • 05:41 – Professor Alex Sayf Cummings on how SOPA created a tipping point that led to a revolt against this legislation
  • 07:11 – Dr Eoin O’Dell gives a grim outlook on where were heading, with rightholders’ continued push towards maximising copyright protections, and their demands to cut down on exceptions and impose liabilities on intermediaries

Section 4 – Libraries: Their Role, Impact & e-Lending Struggles

Section 5 – Copyright Terms: Out of Control Term Creeps Harm Access to Culture

  • 13:14Brewster Kahle on how copyright terms incentivise dead authors and the push from rightholders to have everything licensed
  • 13:38 – Dr Eoin O’Dell on how the US pushes copyright term extensions abroad through trade deals
  • 14:46 – Dr Rebecca Giblin on the negative impact of copyright terms on access to culture
  • 15:53 – Professor Alex Sayf Cummings on the need to rollback copyright terms to foster our public domain

Section 6 – Walled Culture: How Unfit Copyright Laws Lock-up Culture & Knowledge

Check out the full interviews:

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